CCSO Warns of IRS Scam

The Christian County Sheriff's Office is warning residents about another scam that is making it's rounds in our community as recently as this morning (02.01).
This one has to do with the IRS and a claim that the victim owes back taxes. The caller says that you owe back taxes and if not paid immediately a warrant will be issued and you will be arrested. The caller will attempt to scare the victim with jail time and try to get financial information over the phone. This is a scam and the IRS has confirmed they do not conduct business this way. We have attached a link that gives further information from the IRS about how they attempt to collect back taxes.
Everyone is urged to report this activity to your local law enforcement agency and by all means, DO NOT give out personal information over the phone, including your bank information, date of birth or social security number.
For more information, please call the Christian County Sheriff's Office or your local law enforcement agency.
Chris M. Miller
Detective Captain
Public Information Officer
Christian County Sheriff's Department