Concealed Deadly Weapons Permit

The Christian County Sheriff's Office can provide assistance in getting your Concealed Deadly Weapons License. There are currently two ways you can apply for your license:

  • You may apply online, directly with the Kentucky State Police. The cost for completing the online application is $50.00 to the Kentucky State Treasurer, and $20.00 to the Christian County Sheriff's Office when the license is picked up. This process usually takes less time to complete. Click here to apply online.
  • You may choose to complete the process through our office. If so you will need to bring proof that you have completed the CCDW class (see below for a list of instructors in Christian County). You will also need a check or money order for $40.00 made payable to the "Kentucky State Treasurer" and $20.00 to be payed to the Christian County Sheriff's Office for our processing fee (plus $5.00 if you need your picture taken).

The application process can take anywhere from 4-12 weeks, depending on which application method you choose and you will receive verification in the mail that your license is ready to be picked up. To check and see if your license is ready, feel free to call our office, 270-887-4143 to see if your license is ready for pick up.

For more information on the CCDW process please click the image below.

CCDW Seal.indd

(To go directly to frequently asked questions concerning CCDW, click here.)

Below is a list of CCDW instructors here in Christian County. Please check with the Instructor you choose to be sure their certification has not expired.

(Per KRS 237.110 (22)(d), instructors may choose to not have their information made public, and therefore, may not be listed)

(This list was last updated on July 10th, 2015)

Christopher Ahonen Hopkinsville 270-484-0578
Jayson Brooks Hopkinsville 270-875-6192
Eric Caudill Ft. Campbell 606-224-2644
Donald Dexter II Crofton 270-424-1180
Travis Faulkner Hopkinsville 270-886-8539
Hal Faulkner Hopkinsville 270-886-8539
Daniel Hodge. Jr. Hopkinsville 270-719-0218
Christian Hughes Cerulean 270-719-2384
Larry Hulsey Crofton 270-498-3616
Melinda Hunker Hopkinsville 270-839-7994
Jeremy Lile Crofton 270-839-2014
Gary Lowther Oak Grove 270-839-1621
Timothy Nosbusch Hopkinsville 270-886-2615
Jack Poland III Hopkinsville 270-881-8231
Justin Plotter Ft. Campbell 315-405-2634
Scott Raup, Sr. Hopkinsville 270-348-9099
Billy Salters Trenton 270-985-3863
Gary Sumner. Jr. Pembroke 270-985-3597